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@youngvantaylor – Van Taylor – Glowin Up – California

@youngvantaylor – Van Taylor – Glowin Up – California

About this Song:

“Van Taylor A.K.A YoungVanTaylor arises not to far from where Ray Lewis made plays and The Wire was made!
Baltimore, Maryland birthed the now West Coast residing Van Taylor!
After a long hiatus that consisted of studying, creating, testing, life struggles and finding the perfect sound; Taylor stepped back behind the microphone with the creation of “Hero”. It’s the emotion and message in songs like “Hero” that led to the creation of “Stop Me” which sat for some time before confidence was solidified and “Glowin’Up” came into fruition. “Glowin’up” set the tone for what is next to come. #Maintain.
Through all original written material Van aims to not only introduce himself to the music industry, but also speak for those who go beyond limits to achieve whatever must be done. #Maintain is merely a platform to showcase the everyday of the you and I.
As the journey begins, join Taylor on the ride as he takes you on a trip. This isn’t your ordinary trip, this go round I hope you have your bus fare ready as we prepare to step on the good’ole bus of life and experience a little bit of what we all do, #Maintain!
#Glowin’up is the introductory song that leads listeners down the path of #Maintain! With the help of K, Watkins, Taylor was able to create the perfect answer as to “Who is Van Taylor?” #Glowin’up embodies the thoughts and emotions of the everyday individual dealing with the worlds everyday problems.

Let Van be the voice of your Glo’Up and take a listen to #Glowin’Up right NOW on http://www.YoungVanTaylor.com!”

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