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@YoungGifted3000 – YoungGifted3000 – STILL BY Young Gifted – [Video] – New Brunswick

@YoungGifted3000 – YoungGifted3000 – STILL BY Young Gifted – [Video] – New Brunswick

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This New Jersey group has stayed true to the game since 1990’s. A true pioneer of the dark side, Young Gifted embodies old school and new school techniques over thunderous beats. Their music is reminiscent of the golden age of Hip Hop. The group has been going strong for 25 years and their music is still able to compete in today’s current musical landscape. The Hip Hop juggernauts call themselves “Young Gifted” due to the timeless quality of their compositions.

A rugged and raw production compliments the dark sinister street tales that Young Gifted spit about with sheer abandon. Their stories are always bone chilling, epic and intricately painted with precise accuracy. Young Gifted keeps it interesting and innovative with slick rhymes on whatever topic they choose to speak about. Their gritty tracks are intense, authentic, and powerful.

Early in the year, they launched “Shoot First,” which followed “Behind You,” Both singles were on the playlist of top mix-shows in the country and were hailed by the group’s fanatic followers. Young Gifted has been featured on numerous magazines, including Hip Hop Weekly and XXL Magazine, AllHipHop.com and TheSource.com. 

Shadows Of Darkness

Sick Enuff

Gunz Off Safety

Video Link:
“STILL” By YoungGifted3000

Movie Trailer:
Young Gifted Is Featured In The Upcoming Film ”
Lost In Van Sinestra”

Live Interview:
The Doug Stewart Show Featuring Young Gifted

104.7 KISS FM Featuring Young Gifted Mega Hit Single Get’Em

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