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@wyellegend – Wyel Legend – Dear, Mrs. Hip Hop – Los Angeles

@wyellegend – Wyel Legend – Dear, Mrs. Hip Hop – Los Angeles

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Hip hop has grown into this common debate between the intellect conversation and the party anthems. Causing this riff for upcoming artist, feeling as if they have to choose a side in order to develop a solid fan base. Although it is true that an artist needs to have a steady sound to develop a loyal fan base, after listening to indie artist like Wyel Legend, you hear them finding their middle ground between party and messages.
LVL3 Live Learn Excel, expresses two sides that are in unison with one personality. The introduction announces a lyricist, someone who has studied hip hop and taken both the good and bad that he has encountered with the industry and vocalizes it to a beat. So, when you listen to the lead single “Dear, Mrs. Hip Hop,” you won’t be caught off guard by the adoration, and can easily hear iconic influences. The flow Wyel carried rolled off his tongue with ease, as expected. What actually surprised me with the album is Wyel’s ability to transition nicely to a sound that is unfamiliar with his natural flow. His transition and delivery in songs like “Roll One,” shows skill, one that is not easily developed. You can hear that Wyel is an experienced independent artist, just patiently preparing for his time. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, come out to watch Wyel perform singles like “Dear, Mrs. Hip Hop,” and “New America” a retrospective on hip hop and the current state of America.

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