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WESTSIDEDOOM (Westside Gunn & DOOM) – Gorilla Monsoon

WESTSIDEDOOM (Westside Gunn & DOOM) – Gorilla Monsoon

About this Song:

Westside Gunn and DOOM bring the filth on this Wednesday morning with the first leak from their joint WESTSIDEDOOM project. Listen below as the pair trade verses over a typically ominous Daringer production on “Gorilla Monsoon” and stay tuned for one more cut from these beats.

Gunn spoke about the collaboration with HYPEBEAST:

Not everyone out there is able to touch DOOM because he’s not out there like that. I reached out to him and the dots just connected. Plus, I already had the WESTSIDEDOOM idea in my head. It didn’t have to be a full album or what not to make a point. The two songs we have, thos are art pieces to me. From MF DOOM and his management’s standpoint, it made a whole lot of sense and they’ve alread thrown the respect at me. So after all that, I hit up Alchemist and Daringer. I told Daringer first and he cooked up a joint and that was it. Then we sent Alchemist’s joint and it was just magic. With this WESTSIDEDOOM shit, I honestly feel from what I did and what he did on those two songs with Alchemist and Daringer, nigg*s is in trouble and the whole world is about to understand what I’m saying.

In related news, DOOM’s Missing Notbeook Rhymes series with adult swim has come to an abrupt end and the tracks are all gone.

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