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@walkingdown12 – Dolla Bill – Busta U-Turn – Raleigh

@walkingdown12 – Dolla Bill – Busta U-Turn – Raleigh

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Got some West Coast vibe. Trap beat with lyrics that tell a story of old school “been there done that.” A song that is about reflection and looking back…

Will Francis aka Dolla Bill is a hip-hop artist who recently released Goin’ Wit Da Flow. He plays into familiar styles of rap that has been around for decades. On that note the topics also cover common topics you have heard in rap if you have been listening to even the most popular rap artists.

The album opens up with “Busta U – Turn” which is darker kind of gangsta track. It had its moments and has a solid hook. Next up is “On The Cheap.” “On The Cheap” utilizes a variation of the beat used in “The Real Slim Shady” which seems to be some kind of homage to Eminem.

“Old Schoolin’” definitely had a ’90s flavor as well. The beat reminded me of something you would hear on The Chronic. As the album progresses there were a number of songs which felt like highlights such as the title track, “Wish You Were Here” and “Get It Back” which sounded like straight ’80s rap and R&B.


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