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@TWRICKYOFFICIAL – Ricky Official – Hite me up – Atlanta

@TWRICKYOFFICIAL – Ricky Official – Hite me up – Atlanta

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About this Song:

The song “Hit me up” is a new release by Ricky Official an up and coming artist and songwriter living in Atlanta GA.The song talks about a dysfunctional relationship in which both partners are tossed between staying or leaving, a situation that a lot of people can relate to. The beat was made by Brandon Consbruck http://www.conzbruck.com .

A little information about Ricky Official:

Ricky Official is a German/Japanese born and raised performing artist in the Hip Hop genre of music. A student of the culture since his teenage years Ricky Official took to penning lyrics seriously roughly 2 years ago capitalizing on a lifelong dream of contributing to the culture. Now a resident of the hotbed city Atlanta, Georgia Ricky Official is a musician at heart and in skill set, he has taken steps to widen his brand and enhance visibility. Taking his career into his own hands, Ricky has rolled the dice on his self and sought opportunities to grow in and out of the booth as he been afforded the opportunity to hit the big screen as a pivotal part of many high end projects in conjunction with the famed ACE Entertainment brand; all of which will benefit the process of pushing the envelope on his music. His current single, Hit me up, has received great feedback and will be the subject of a dope visual in the very near future. In addition to that, Ricky has recently been in the studio with popular production team DrumMajorsATL (Credits: Lil Wayne, Dae Dae) whom produced his All Night. Other songs to come this year include Flying High and Heart of the City which were produced by longtime collaborator Brandon Consbruck. With the support of his fan base which he has dubbed The Ricky Official Squad, he is becoming a voice for his generation both in his native country and the states continuously tearing down stages each opportunity he gets. Promoting self-awareness and authenticity, Ricky instills the importance of ‘being yourself’ in everyone he encounters. Influenced by 2Pac, Nas, Big L, Rakim and other legendary figures, Ricky Official hopes to carry the torch for true lyricists.

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