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@TRUHVAS – TRUHVAS – Drunk & HIGH – [Video] – Nottingham

@TRUHVAS – TRUHVAS – Drunk & HIGH – [Video] – Nottingham

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About this Song:

TRUHVAS is a music artist from Nottingham, UK. He writes, produces, records and performs all of his own music.

Recently, he was featured on BBC Radio’s “introducing” segment, where BBC Radio premiered TRUHVAS’ song “HOROSCOPES”, Soon after he released a new EP called “4 play” (stylized as “4 PLAY”) on October 5th 2017.

TRUHVAS’ style is quite bipolar in the sense of mixing extreme emotional highs (Saturday, DRUNK & HIGH) with selfless contemplative lows (HOROSCOPES). As a project, “4 PLAY” is set out to convey the the emotional rollercoasters of love, anxiousness and life.

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