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Toosii & Blxst Spit Bars In XXL Freshman Cypher

Toosii & Blxst Spit Bars In XXL Freshman Cypher

About this Song:

The XXL Freshman Cyphers continue to arrive, and today marks the arrival of the second installment. Following the introduction with DDG, Lakeyah, Morray, and Coi Leray, this one features the talents of Toosii and Blxst, who receive a little bit more space to make an impression as the lone two rappers.

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Once again taking to an instrumental by Nick Mira of Internet Money fame, west coast emcee Blxst sets it off with the opening verse. “This for the times they ain’t shown no remorse / hundred percent, I’m eagle-endorsed,” he spits. ” Good with the killers, I’m good with the dorks / They just say: “Blxst, get yo’ foot in the door.” It’s a solid performance overall, and one that should please fans of the more traditional lyricism that the Freshman classes have increasingly shied away from

Toosii comes through for the second and final verse, and he occupies the majority of the cypher’s runtime. Weaving his way through a variety of flows, Toosi’s observational lyricism shines as his verse steadily builds to a climax. “Should have told you proceed with caution,” he spits. “Know I’m young, but I hang with the bosses / And somebody like you ain’t sum’ that me and Blxst see too often.”

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“You’re the first one that I told when my cousin finally came out the closet,” he continues, as his verse concludes. “You’re the one that told me ‘never love him different,’ never would, but damn that was boss shit.” 

Check out Toosi and Blxst’s Freshman Cypher, and sound off with your thoughts in the comments below. 

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