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@therealdrilla – Drilla – No Texting – Arlington

@therealdrilla – Drilla – No Texting – Arlington

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Instagram: @drilla1k
Twitter: @Therealdrilla
Soundcloud: https://m.soundcloud.com/drilla-578577979

My name is Drilla and I am a 16 year old artist from Arlington, TX. I was born in Chicago, IL on April 27th, 2001, and I moved to Arlington when I was 12. Some of my idols and inspirations are Chief Keef, Frank Ocean, and Myself. My style of music is Hip Hop and Trap and I also like a little Alternative Rock. Most people like my music because I am very creative and versatile. One song I can be chill and lyrical then the next I can be very energetic. I am currently working on my new project called “TRAPSTAR” which is going to release on April 27th.

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