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@thedailydaren – Daren Todd – Red White & Blue – Video – Lompoc

@thedailydaren – Daren Todd – Red White & Blue – Video – Lompoc

About this Song:

“Bio# Daren Todd is an up and coming recording artist from California. Blasting onto the music scene this summer with a collection of music videos stylized by YungMacFilms, Daren seeks to showcase not only his talent, but his passion for hip hop and the culture surrounding hip hop today. In Red White & Blue, Daren uses powerful imagery to tell the story a man of color may face in American society today. Shot in Lompoc, Ca, the video visually represents Daren as an artist, from the murals lining the alley walls to the poetic, spoken word style one take that takes up the first half of the video. In the second half, we view the positive take on life that has become Daren’s signature message: ‘Yes things get hard, but they always always get better again’. Check out Red White & Blue on Youtube now or live at http://www.darentodd.com”

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