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The LOX Drop 4 No Reason EP

The LOX Drop 4 No Reason EP

About this Song:

As The LOX prepare to wrap-up the Key To Life Tour tomorrow night in Buffalo, they drop off a previously unannounced 4-track EP called 4 No Reason. Joining them on two of the tracks are guest Derez Deshon and L-Biz, and unfortunately, the EP is a TIDAL exclusive. If you’re a subscriber, you can stream below.

Here’s my mandatory reminder that projects that are exclusive to one streaming service are bad for fans that already pay for other services, bad for artists because they encourage bootlegging and bad for the music industry as a whole because they reduce the amount of music consumed in a given week. That’s why Apple Music and Spotify no longer ask artists for them and most labels don’t push for them. But hey, as long as TIDAL signs up a few new customers I guess that’s all that matters.

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