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@ThatShawtyCrow – CROW – It Comes From Above – Seattle

@ThatShawtyCrow – CROW – It Comes From Above – Seattle

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Following a successful year opening for underground legends such as Rozz Dyliams, Pouya, Suicideboys, Mackned, and more Seattle artist CROW dropped his debut EP “Crow’s Nest” back in January, and a follow up single “Drop The Thot” featuring Florida’s very own N3LL. Back just in time for the summer to come to a head, CROW has teamed up again with frequent producer Anvil (@ImAnvilOfficial) of MindGone, on new video/single “It Comes From Above”. Shot/Edited by Seattle based filmographer Excel Visuals, the song heeds a nice WWF D Generation X sample, and along with CROW’s blistering chorus gives the song a Metal feel during the choruses, before smoothly transitioning to Rap during the verses.

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