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@StillRasheed – Rasheed – Bottom ft. Aubrey – Seattle

@StillRasheed – Rasheed – Bottom ft. Aubrey – Seattle

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Artist: Rasheed
Location: Seattle, WA
Title: Talking To Ya
Album: Ballads and Genrebenders

Rasheed is an artist hailing from Seattle, WA. He infuses his native sounds and his poetic flow to deliver music that the fans need to hear, with no filter.”Bottom” is another one masterpiece, and Rasheed delivers a real ass message over an instrumental that sounds like God has figured out Ableton. Rasheed talks about what is like going through it in Seattle, the multiple times where his life almost ended. And the hook, sung by Aubrey Berendt, is mesmerizing enough to be the new soundtrack to your everyday life! Rasheed has made it clear that he is the next artist to emerge from Seattle, and is telling the world whats really good here.

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