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@stelow_4 – Stelow_4 – No Love – Texarkana

@stelow_4 – Stelow_4 – No Love – Texarkana

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My New Single No Love Is For All The Pain & Envy Within My City (Texarkana , Tx ) With No Support , People Don’t Want You To Blow Or Become Successful Because Its A Hating Place But I Use It As Zest (My Way Of Saying Energy ) Because I Feel Like My Music Gone Make It In Raping Or Producing Because I’m Putting My All In Every Song & I Got A Nature Ear For Music But Add Me On Facebook: Stelow Shaw , Snapchat : Stelowretarded , Twitter : Stelow_4 , Instagram : _4tex But I’m A 19 Year Old Rapper / Producer & I Go By Stelow , I Started Rapping & Producing My Senior Year Of High School In November I Had To Do Something More Productive With My Life Instead Of Selling Drugz & Beefing So I Started Staying In The House Writing Music Until My Cousin Band$ Introduced Me To Fl Studio But It Was A Hard Time Because My Big Brother Had Just Got Killed & It Was Hard For Me To Focus On My Music & School But At The End Of The Day That’s Who Started Me To Rapping But I Didn’t Record Until He Died But I Talk About A Lot In My Music I Tell Storys About My Life No Matter The Downfall Or Struggle Because This Is My Life Everything I Say I’ve Did & Seen But I’ve Been Down All My Life So Now I Feel Like It’s Time To Come Up But In 2017 I’m Make All The People That Didn’t Believe In Me Or Talked Bad About Me Or Even The People That Change On Me Regret Everthing …

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