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@SherifMattar703 – sherifmattar703 – Fuck Your Politics – Arlington

@SherifMattar703 – sherifmattar703 – Fuck Your Politics – Arlington

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I wanted to reach out to submit a song for entry on your site. Fuck Your Politics is a political banger attacking Trump and the US Government in response to the historic election. As we approach the inauguration next week I think it could really pick up steam especially with the controversial and brilliant artwork. The fact that the Virginia rapper is of Middle Eastern descent makes it even more captivating and timely.

I included an artist bio, song write-up, previous press and social media links. Please let me know if you decide to post it. Thank you.

Fuck Your Politics stream: https://soundcloud.com/sherifmattar703/sherif-mattar-fuck-your-politics-prod-steven-padilla

Artist Bio: Originally hailing from Cairo, Egypt, Virginia rapper Sherif Mattar blends clever wordplay with vivid storytelling in fitting fashion to his East Coast roots with a modern aesthetic. Originally aspiring to become a novelist at a young age, Sherif began converting his short stories into raps after being influenced by the likes of fellow rhyme smiths Jay-Z, Nas and Andre 300. His unique knack for words has brought him to open for such acts as Mobb Deep, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Fat Trel, and Soulection as he continues to gain traction in the DMV landscape. His 4th solo project Driving In Circles was just released December, 2016 in collaboration with fellow Virginian, producer Steven Padilla.
Song Write-Up: Virginia based rapper Sherif Mattar shines on his new single serving as half-part hustlers anthem, half-part political rally against the current powers at bay. Sherif blends witty bars with personal stories of his unique upbringing over an appropriately dark and gritty banger of an instrumental from Virginia based producer Steven Padilla, while paying clever homage to jay-z’s timeless classic Dead Presidents. The rapper and producer pair just released their collaborative album Driving In Circles now available everywhere.






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