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@Shadxstevens – ShadxStevens – +**MISSION 8.18.18**+ – Bridgeport

@Shadxstevens – ShadxStevens – +**MISSION 8.18.18**+ – Bridgeport

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$had is a versatile artist from Bridgeport CT, looking to broaden his audience of listeners. We believe if $had’s talents (on and off the mic), personality, and other acquired skills and attributes were to be recognized, it would be extremely beneficial not only for him but also all other networks, outlets, and business incorporated. We strongly believe if you take the time to listen to his music and see his vision of what he can bring to the table, you would agree. All songs are recorded, written, edited, and mixed by $had himself and he also makes beats as well on spare time. Due to lack of finances, connections, early beginnings, and location, the number of plays and clicks via SoundCloud and other social networks don’t match the connection and buzz his music has the potential to gain.
That’s where we believe you can help us? If there’s any information, tips, or guidance/direction you can provide, we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for taking time to at least acknowledge our message. Please get back to us.

Instagram: @shadxstevens
Twitter: @shadxstevens
Email: shadxstevens@yahoo.com

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