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@scrill.free – MC $crill – Black Buma Vibez – Atlanta

@scrill.free – MC $crill – Black Buma Vibez – Atlanta

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Before BlackGoku went Super Saiyan on “Saiyan Muzik”, our hero’s most renounced theme song would likely be “Trappin Out The Dorm Room”. “Trappin Out the Dorm Room” is one of those phrases that stirs an immediate feeling of apprehension for an interpreter. For MC $crill, that apprehension was the daily life. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, this young intellectual has given East Atlanta a new title, Planet Veg (EA)ta.
It’s no hiding where the influence of the BlackGoku brand stems from, but the wordplay on this album is an attempt to open the third eye. In a nation built on competition & capitalism, ”Caplanta” answers the Why? questions of a career in the trap life, rather than just the How?

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