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@RavenKyeBabii – Raven Kÿe – Lethal – Corpus Christi

@RavenKyeBabii – Raven Kÿe – Lethal – Corpus Christi

About this Song:

“Full Bio:

Raven Kye is a powerhouse Hip-POP and R&B recording artist straight out of Corpus Christi, Texas. With an impressive mix of poetic, hard and razor sharp lyrics, Raven Kye displays the lyrical artistry of a seasoned veteran. The influence of Beyoncé, Lauryn Hill, Drake, Kendrick Lamar and Nicki Minaj bleeds through her voice as she simultaneously boasts a unique, one-of-a-kind sound.
Straight out of Texas with a New York vibe, she is definitely a breath of fresh air for Hip Hop.

The multi-mega-talented artist, musician, author, filmmaker and philanthropist is releasing her EP entitled, Venus, beginning in April of 2016. Her most popular YouTube video, ‘Raven Kye | Nicki Minaj ft. Beyonce – Feelin’ Myself Freestyle’, has successfully generated buzz around the internet, with nearly 3 thousand views and counting and has been featured on various highly respected Hip Hop blogs.

In the grand scheme of things, Raven Kye plans on making bigger and bigger records venturing into larger arenas. She envisions an all-inclusive show featuring her hard, classic rhymes, delicate, poetic vocals, choreography, and even acoustic piano renditions of her music.

‘Butterfly Bullets’ demonstrates Raven Kye’s streamlined songwriting skills, her ability to rhyme with the best of them and become a huge figure in the music industry. Those who know her music say she is truly a force not to be reckoned with, and without a doubt she delivers. Her dazzling presence and charming personality will be the icing on the cake as she continues to grow and cultivate her fan base.

Social Media Links:
Website: RavenKye.com

Facebook: facebook.com/RavenKyeMusic

Instagram: https://instagram.com/RavenKyeBabii

YouTube: youtube.com/TheRavenKye

Twitter: twitter.com/RavenKyeBabii

Reverbnation: reverbnation.com/RavenKye”

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