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@profoundpro – ProFound – The Prize – Cincinnati

@profoundpro – ProFound – The Prize – Cincinnati

About this Song:

“ProFound is a Cincinnati based producer/rapper dripping in synths, strings, and soul. The musical landscapes he creates via both his production and rhymes are smooth yet aggressive; familiar yet new; subtle yet striking. As an artist both behind and in front of the music, his sound has become it’s own behemoth- a true chimera of sorts. Meshing together many different influences and emotions, Pro has taken the feeling of the east coast classics and merged them with something new; something else entirely.

As a founding member of the rap label Khimera Records, ProFound has grown his fanbase organically with multiple releases over the past year. Early in 2016 found the collaborative effort, “ProMo”, with fellow label-mate Monty C. Benjamin garnering praise for both the Khimera-signature production and their sharp back-and-forth rhymes. The comparisons to Outkast and A Tribe Called Quest were inevitable. But it is his latest opus, the “Adrian Pierce Experience”, that has ProFound stepping out into the musical abyss. Entirely self-produced and deeply personal cover to cover, “APE” is the project his fans have been waiting for.

ProFound’s ability to write impactful and intimate songs that shine light into the listener’s own experience is his greatest skill. Being able to score the soundtrack to it isn’t too shabby a talent, either. Pro is a lot like that close friend with the interesting life stories to relate to your own, and the ability to articulate, captivate, and to make you laugh, cry and everything in between. The art of storytelling is what he gives to the world via his music.”

Full EPK: http://www.khimerarecords.com/profound

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