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@PollyDior – Polly D – WWR (White Water Rafting) – Brooklyn, NY

@PollyDior – Polly D – WWR (White Water Rafting) – Brooklyn, NY

About this Song:

On first listen, it’s easy to hear how rapper Polly D stands out from his NYC contemporaries. Polly D, often known as Polly Dior, brings an exciting blend of melodies, lyricism, and substance to an era of music that lacks all three. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Polly started his journey as a hip-hop artist in the summer of 2012. Since then, Polly D has put out a plethora of singles along with his well-received debut mixtape Broke, released in early August 2014.
Polly D is currently promoting his new single WWR (White Water Rafting) while generating hype for a follow-up mixtape. It is available for streaming on SoundCloud and Youtube. Polly D can be found on all social networks @PollyDior. Be on the look out for more upcoming music as Polly D continues to build his brand. Polly D aspires to be the biggest artist to come out of Brooklyn. With the disappointing current state of music, Polly believes he can do it.

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