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@plvxid – PlvXid – P.L.C (The New Drug) – Chesapeake

@plvxid – PlvXid – P.L.C (The New Drug) – Chesapeake

About this Song:


“Peace, Love, and Create! My name is PlvXid and I’m a 21 year old hip hop artist from Chesapeake, VA. I’ve always loved music and I’ve been rapping since I was 12, although my mom says it was earlier than that 12, is when I was actually able to compose songs. Although I was rapping at 12 I didn’t take it serious until my senior year of high school when me and my group of friends got our rap group featured in the schools yearbook! Since then I have released now 3 projects the latest being P.L.C (The New Drug)! My goals are to be financially stable from making music, while maintaining full control of my creative process. I also want to build a big fan base that I am able to inspire and connect with. Hopefully you guys become one of those fans after you take a listen.”

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