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@pkmntrxorange – ACHVR Official – Racks in a Minute – Brooklyn

@pkmntrxorange – ACHVR Official – Racks in a Minute – Brooklyn

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Racks in a Minute is the intro to the acclaimed album, 18Friends/100Enemies, respectfully aka 18F/100E, a response album to the hate of the music video, similarly tited: “18/100” , remixing and parodying the song leaked as “Drip” by Lil Uzi Vert, also known as “1600”. 18/100 was confused to be a ChuckECheese address, 1800 East Gun Hill Road in New York by haters and trolls of the rapper. He explains that it was not an address, but a number that represents his ratio of acquaitances to rivals and life problems, or “Enemies”. The album was released on CDBaby May 31, 2018, and was uploaded to SoundCloud on June 4, 2018, after fan requested the album be free to play. The album hosts 14 songs, and was expected to have a Caffeine Movin remix and music video, but was cancelled due to budget costs

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