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@pkmntrxorange – ACHVR Official – ACHVR Official – DreamVision – Brooklyn

@pkmntrxorange – ACHVR Official – ACHVR Official – DreamVision – Brooklyn

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Once again , another banger release from ACHVR Official. On October 7th , 2018 , the song DreamVision was released on SoundCloud after the music video was dropped and released on YouTube on the same day after the song was teased for several months to be featured on the next entry-level album of ACHVR titled “The Turbo Files” The song ended up not being featured on the album , as the album goes through constant changes and tweaks. Months after Racks in a Minute was released , which was featured on DailyHipHopJamz a few weeks after it’s release in June , ACHVR has been working hard and getting better at music in production , acquiring access to studio level equipment in an unknown location , as well as brading his record label , The Only One Records , and his clothing brand , HyprrKikkx , after going on a livestream with @free.roses

ACHVR Official joined the postivity vibe group “Pharoah” , which is also a clothing brand by the person. The livestream gain attention from a few friends , and ACHVR Official began uploading snippets rapidly to Instagram. Other song leaks lead to fans believing another album was dropping. The certainty of these songs being featured on the titled album is unknown , but the songs were taken down. One snipppet made it to YouTube titled “Run it Down” , but the others , titled “LIVE!” , “Whole Lotta Bluu” , a parody of Playboi Carti’s “Whole Lotta Red” album.

The song DreamVision was orignally titled as “LeanVision” , due to reference to use of the drug but it was never confirmed when he put the titles on his Instagram in July. The song list was taken down which included “StarPower ft. Playboi Carti” and “A.C.H.V.R.” which was confirmed to mean “All Children Have Victorious Rights” , which was not officially explained by ACHVR Official. The bio of the song in the video explains how the song represented his mental state. How he sees the world in two different planes of existence and the problems he has with his family , which he mentioned in a past song titled “A Letter to Someone”. Most of ACHVR’s off-album songs were taken down at this time. The full bio is in the video. The rest of the album was not confirmed to have a release date……

ACHVR Official has really expanded his music to have it’s own style and flow , which mixes genres and artstyles of music , Like R&B and Rap. He heavily parodies rappers Playboi Carti , Lil Uzi , Cheif Keef , and most notably : Pierre Bourne. He posts about him alot in his IG account , and even used a beat from his live to make a mini-song. However , ACHVR’s music has it’s own touch and taste and improved in quality. He collaborated with artists JadenX.X and Tristan Marinee for other songs

High hopes are in for the rapper!

Link to Music Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsu6OSgBqKU

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