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@philip_keyate – Philip keyate – POP IT! – lagos

@philip_keyate – Philip keyate – POP IT! – lagos

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POP IT! a left over from philip Keyate’s gang gang session it has been teased for almost 2 months and previews came weeks before gang gang even dropped on the 26/10/18 but
after releasing gang gang with Froggie Rickylee & DKarizma, philip keyate Is back with another single titled POP IT! still featuring Froggie Rickylee
This is the third official collaboration between both artists, they’ve worked together on No hooks & Gang gang the later been a certified hit club banger but now Philip keyate & Froggie Rickylee are telling the world that they are popping now and that everyone loves them now.
As we await both froggie Rickylee and philip keyate solo projects coming up with a possible collabo album
Let’s take this as an appetizer

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