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@philip_keyate – Philip keyate – GANG GANG – lagos

@philip_keyate – Philip keyate – GANG GANG – lagos

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Philip Keyate comes back with another hit for our listening pleasure with his latest work titled “GANG GANG”
Keyate who isn’t shy about his style as a trapper labels Kendrick Lamar and Travis Scott as his main influence in his style of Rap.
On “GANG GANG” he even makes references to Travis Scott track “5%TINT” showing his full swagger over the track, Keyate who says he rather sounds like himself than sound like Travis or any other rapper raps about living the good life to the fullest, he also talks about Money & girls and shows himself as a Trap Lord on the Track.
Philip Keyate features Froggie Rickylee & D Karizma on the track, the beat was produced by D Karizma himself
You can find the lyrics at Genius.com and the track is available for in almost all music stores.
This is surely something you can’t miss at all

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