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@OwensRayvon – Rayvon Owens – LifeAway – San Diego

@OwensRayvon – Rayvon Owens – LifeAway – San Diego

About this Song:

BIO/SONG DESCRIPTION: Im simply just Rayvon Owens an upcoming artist from San Diego,CA followin my passion for music. I grew up in a music household mainly being influenced by artist and groups such as Westide connection, Goodie Mob, Dmx, Snoop, and a plethora of other Hip Hop artist. At the age of 13 I wrote my first rap for a collaboration on a song with a childhood friend Antoine White and ever since wirtin has just been like 2nd nature. I always wrote music but never took it serious until I got to college nd realized I had a true talent for it. My main objective with my music is to connect with people of a mental and spiritual level and let people know that they arent alone when going through trials and tribulations. I just attempt to be a voice that people can connect with and let them know there is always somewhere out there that can relate to whatever it is you may be dealing with. In this particular single I just released “Life Away” I talk about my absence in church as of the past couple years and how because of that my use of marijuana has become my source of mental and spiritual healing.People should turn to God in a time of need or mind stimulation but alot of the times we are too prideful and continue to do what we know best..

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