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DHHJ’s new YouTube channel is live!

DHHJ’s new YouTube channel is live!

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With the launch of the new dhhj website there also comes the dhhj YouTube channel – the newest addition to the dhhj brand. We spent the past two months working on this platform and now it’s ready to go live and share your music.

The DHHJ YouTube channel is the audiovisual version of the markttrax.com website that represents the best of hip hop music and uses YouTube to share the newest and hottest tracks on the market.
The songs that are shared on our channel will be paired with one of our great urban style artworks and marketed through all of our social media channels – which is why we guarantee maximum exposure, new audiences and an easier way for your fans to listen to your music and share it with their friends.

Sounds awesome doesn’t it? If you are an artists interested in collaborating with us drop us an email at marie@markttrax.com. All we need from you is the mp3 file of a song (or the soundcloud link to the song) that you would like us to share and your social links such as twitter, instagram, YouTube or SoundCloud – and we will do the rest!

We post 3 videos every week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Check out our new channel and the first uploads here!


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