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@optherapper – OPtheRapper – OPtheRapper “Dream” – [Video] – Houston

@optherapper – OPtheRapper – OPtheRapper “Dream” – [Video] – Houston

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OPtheRapper performing “Dream”
Produced by @BeattyMedia

Music Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTHiawZFOac

Social Media: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/optherapper_/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OPtheRapper

I would love to be featured on DailyHipHopJamz anything is massively appreciated! contact me if you need any more information!!! I would be delighted to send any links, pictures, and anything else you need! I work a nine to 5, and I want to be able to make music full time, please help me out with my dream! Feel free to check out my other music too, any promotion would be so amazing! Contact me if you need anything else, for real anything!

OPtheRapper is an up and coming rap artist from Houston, Texas. Having a unique and unquestionable passion for music and a drive to win at everything he does, OPtheRapper will stop for nothing until he reaches his ultimate dream of success!

The young and energetic rapper has been making music since he was 10 years old. At around the same age, his older cousin introduced him to hip-hop and rap music, which completely opened up his world. OPtheRapper grew up admiring major artists like Mac Miller, Michael Jackson, NWA, and Wiz Khalifa, all the while studying and learning their craft. At the age of 17, OPtheRapper decided it was time to commit to his pursuit of a career in music. Since then, the artist has faced significant adversity and even doubt from his friends and family. Through all of this, OPtheRapper has persevered and has used this as further fuel for his passion for music. This has even resulted in the development of his own unique style.

His latest projects include the hit single “Feel The Night”, a funky track that has sick flows over a bouncy beat. This is perhaps his most successful release yet, as it received significant acclaim across Soundcloud and social media. Another track, “Run” also displays OPtheRappers’ skilled lyrical flows, followed by big break downs at the chorus which are sure to get fans singing along. Throughout all of his music, OPtheRapper always remains unique and true to his identity as an artist by references to the struggles he has faced.

OPtheRapper is currently focusing only on making great music and pursuing his dreams. As a result, fans of the artist should prepare for more amazing releases in the near future, since nobody is more driven and passionate about reaching their dreams than this young artist is!

OPtheRapper’s music is available for Free Listening on Soundcloud!

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