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@ontklbc – ONTK – ONTK – SPECIAL INTERESTS – [Video] – Lethbridge

@ontklbc – ONTK – ONTK – SPECIAL INTERESTS – [Video] – Lethbridge

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Thanks for providing a platform to share and discuss hip hop music. I represent a Canadian hip hop collective of producers and artists, ONTK (Our Neighbour the King). You can find out more about us at: http://www.ONTK.org

Special Interests, the attached video, is the premiere single off of ONTK’s upcoming album Animal Crackers!

Animal Crackers is produced and engineered entirely in house by Yahtzen, and features a collective of Lethbridge rappers, with ChronicPhonics leading the pack through a variety of philosophical and metaphysical themes. The whole project is available on June 29th on all major streaming platforms.

I am contacting you to see if you would be interested in receiving an advanced listening link for reviewing and blogging purposes. We would love to get your feedback on our sound and content while sharing your publication with our listeners as well! Please let us know your thoughts, both musically and promotionally, and if you would be interested in receiving the advanced copy of the album. We look forward to working with you!


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