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@Official_Raheem – Who Is Raphael Leraux – Envy – El Paso

@Official_Raheem – Who Is Raphael Leraux – Envy – El Paso

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Raised in the north side of El Paso, Tx, only minutes away from the drug wars of Juarez, Mexico, Raphael Leraux used music as his escape from his gritty reality. A portal into another world where he could explore his deepest fears and regrets. #AlmostAngels is an 8-part series exploring the deep depression and religious exploration that lead to it’s own creation. The second installment, “Envy”, is a raw exploration of our generation’s obsession with material possessions. The hard hitting production mixed with passionate vocals deliver a complete Hiphop experience… Through his unique, introspective approach, his goal is to find the answer to one burning question… Who Is Raphael Leraux?

Soundcloud – WhoIsRaphaelLeraux
Facebook – Who Is Raphael Leraux
Instagram – Who Is Raphael Leraux
Twitter – WhoIsRaphaelLeraux
Youtube – Who Is Raphael Leraux

Produced by: https://www.facebook.com/McGeProductions/

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