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@o_my_JOSH – Jai Musiq – Dolan Drive Dreams – Memphis

@o_my_JOSH – Jai Musiq – Dolan Drive Dreams – Memphis

About this Song:

Joshua “Jai Musiq” Johnson is a sophomore music composition major from Memphis, TN, at Morehouse College. Although he has been involved with performing music since his middle school days in the band, it wasn’t until his freshman year at Morehouse that he began to take his career as an artist and songwriter seriously. He had been making amateur songs since the eighth grade just for fun, but he recently started to get a buzz after he released a couple of songs during his freshman year. He then realized that he could really reach and relate to people in all types of situations through his lyrics and melodies. After the release of his debut project, The Josh Johnson EP, he has started to build a decent fan base within the city of Memphis and beyond. Josh’s style can’t really be explained, as he raps and sings. As Jai has always had a love for music, it’s time that he started using it to inspire and entertain the masses.

Twitter: @o_my_JOSH

Facebook: http://facebook.com/jaimusiq

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