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@nlfyungnuetron – Young Nuetron – INDUSTRIOUS – Riverside California

@nlfyungnuetron – Young Nuetron – INDUSTRIOUS – Riverside California

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Young Nuetron Is a 21 Year old Recording Artist originally from Riverside California Spent alot of time in Los Angeles South LA area and Las Vegas Growing up. Currently he’s on trial fighting 3 Felonies his next court date is on February 28th. Recently just got out of jail late September was arrested for 3 weeks and released due to no evidence and is now on Low Monitoring House Arrest. Young Nuetron is versatile with his art. He’s slowly trying to produce, He has interests in being a director, A songwriter and even a CEO of his own Label “Guava Inc.” with a few artists under it. He’s currently been working on his mixtape “Nightfallz” which was supposed to be released 2016-2017. He works in Pop,Rap,R&B,Trap etc. You can listen to more of his music on streaming platforms even including Today And iHeartRadio. He’s had a few co signs from Audio Push which they’re from the ‘Inland Empire” same county that Riverside, Young Nuetron’s hometown. He had more co-signs with WHOKR and was supposed to work with him until WHOKR has recently been indictment of Sexual Charges and now facing Jail Time in LA County. He’s currently supposed to have a e.p coming with Tay600 featuring Chicago Artist from the drill scene. Young Nuetron currently has work that’s not been released yet featuring The producer ‘PLAY PICASSO” mainly known for working with Tory Lanez and has a song that’s been produced by “LewisYouNasty”. Stay aware of this artist Young Nuetron has alot planned for him especially if his court date goes well.

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