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@niamack – Nia Mack – Damn – Video – San Diego

@niamack – Nia Mack – Damn – Video – San Diego

About this Song:

Nia Mack is from San Diego, CA and is now releasing her 3rd single, Damn, from her highly anticipated studio album, E.Y.F.N. Her distinct flow, witty punchlines, and over all artistry grab your attention immediately. Nia has been writing music sense the age of 15, and takes pride in mastering her craft. Nia Mack is definetly a force to be reckoned with.

In Nia’s new single, Damn, she collaborates with Mac G, and brings James Newtron in to strategically produce the record. Damn is about living life on the edge. The song touches on how a persons life can change instantly, and how those moments can break you or make you stronger. Its ultimately up to you.

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