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@netstrangers – Internet Strangers – Noche – [Video] – Reddit

@netstrangers – Internet Strangers – Noche – [Video] – Reddit

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Noche is Internet Strangers’ first song and set them up as the premier artistic collective of the internet. It features nocturnal production from Venezuelan producer Gato with hard flows from New York Rapper Dre A.M, Savannah lyricist Ryan Mims , and Boston native Rich Russet.

Initially formed on the Brockhampton Reddit page Internet Strangers have gained traction as the best artistic collective to form on the platform. Led by multi-talented producer and rapper Dre A.M, lyricists Ryan Mims and Rich Russet featuring aggressive sounds from New Zealand rapper Theo. Topped off by angelic vocals from Denmark raised Silvia Minosa and multifaceted Alabama hype-man Scott Free. All encapsulated by the versatile production of Venezuelan producer Gato.

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/43BKtMWrGOzdd7MI01e4yC
Apple Music: https://t.co/RlKE8ygftV

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