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@mrrajparker – Raj Parker – Same Vision – Tampa

@mrrajparker – Raj Parker – Same Vision – Tampa

About this Song:

They say you are what you listen to. If that’s the case then I am music. You can’t call Raj Parker a rapper, or a singer-songwriter, or a producer, drummer, guitarist or lyricist. I’m all of those things. And currently, the only term for that kind of person is…musician. So that’s what I am, in every sense of the word. My sound was crafted from my life. I began to sing as a child. When the joys of youth became overshadowed by the angst of puberty I started to write. When the heat of creativity cured the angst I began to rap. When the troubles of adulthood rained down on me I began to scream. When the reality of manhood dawned on me I began to grunt. And when the crux of my faith manifested itself I began to weep. From my life comes a never-ending song. I am music. Music is me. But even the Bible tells us…music still has a Creator. This is how I make mention of His name. Welcome to the party.

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