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↘️@Mos_Hiii_ – Mos Hiii – Plottin – Video – Chicago

↘️@Mos_Hiii_ – Mos Hiii – Plottin – Video – Chicago

About this Song:

“Plottin” is the first single released from Mos Hiii, recording artist from Chicago, Illinois. Through the Toronto based Recording Arts Academy, The Remix Project, Mos Hiii and fellow alumnus Batista the Producer brings us a gritty, hard-knocking track full of energy and fun flow switches.

“Plottin with my n****s tryna get it, we gon get it, we been grinding from the winter til the winter….let no money separate me from my n****s, looking for that holy place for a sinner, used to get a couple hundreds break it split it down with my n****s I remember..”

The video for Plottin has an interesting spin on it as it resembles the recent protests taken place in Chicago after release of the video of 17 year old Laquan McDonald being shot 16 times by an on-duty Chicago Police officer. Mos Hiii teamed with Revive to film this visual. He met the founders of Revive through Rhymefest while completing the creative arts programDonda’s House and they deliver a visual of an underground revolution sparking.”

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