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@morebrandoncain – Brandon Cain – Kill Again – [Video] – Huntsville

@morebrandoncain – Brandon Cain – Kill Again – [Video] – Huntsville

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In A Struggle Entertainment, music artist Brandon Cain releases music video for his lyrical smash song “Kill Again” from his debut album “Made In America”. To view this music video from this outstanding indie hip-hop artist just visit his You Tube channel Brandon Cain.

This video is a gory depiction from the movie “The Purge”, which contains masked characters and their weapons of choice. Also, the video implements children, that gives one a vision from the movie “Children of the Corn” in which they wear “In A Struggle” apparel and bare angelic symbols on their bodies but their looks are deceiving as they carry demonic intentions.

The inspiration of this record is from different view-points of individuals in different situations where killing is their only choice of survival. The song allows it listeners to go inside the mind of a socio-path begging to be left alone. The story telling element of hip-hop is the strong point of the record, giving different scenarios in which killing is the only option the individual may have.

Please allow this video to be viewed on your site and be the first to display its controversial point of view of a killer’s mindset. “Kill Again” will not disappoint hip-hop listeners and the video gives a visual of perfection. The song can be streamed through Tidal, Spotify, Apple Music and many more.

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