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@Monsieur_Hiver – Monsieur Hiver – Hips Hop (feat. I Killastrata) – Phoenix

@Monsieur_Hiver – Monsieur Hiver – Hips Hop (feat. I Killastrata) – Phoenix

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Arizona based hip-hop artist, Monsieur Hiver, bridges the gap between two worlds as a bilingual contre-rapper versed in both English and French with an original sound created from elements of hip-hop, jazz and spoken word poetry. Born and raised in Phoenix AZ, Hiver is predominantly a French musician – a language that was not his birthright.

Printemps, his debut effort, produced by Grammy nominee Cliff Sarde, begins with an introduction in Histoires n’ont jamais dites, which chronicles a near death experience that launched him into the world of hip hop. The song also serves as an affirmation of life and new beginnings. After establishing his lyric prowess with the bars-only Lyric Alchemy and flirting with pop-appeal in Hips Hop, the album takes on a more serious disposition. Even amongst the comical antics of his bumbling security guard, Bob, in Pink Panther lays the demand for change in the way American media crudely portrays other cultures. Lament is an opus to the current condition of the world shown under the most brutally honest light possible. Jugement dernier concludes the album continuing the same concept and building to a proper crescendo, leaving the listener with a diverse and satisfying audial experience and quite a bit to think about.

« J’ai le corps d’un américain, mais j’ai l’âme d’un homme français. » M. Hiver


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