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@monroeoo7 – MONROE – WISH I NEVER FELL IN LOVE – [Video] – I stay in Atlanta

@monroeoo7 – MONROE – WISH I NEVER FELL IN LOVE – [Video] – I stay in Atlanta

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MONROE got his start in the music business recording demos and performing at local nightclubs in Virginia, Maryland, and Georgia, He parlayed his success with the release of his single, “WISH I NEVER FELL IN LOVE.” The song garnered favorable reviews from local media and set the tone for several follow-up songs, including “LETS MAKE A MOVIE” which was number #4
on National DRT Chart, and another single “Private Party”, and ”Proud To Be With You”, and “I GOT IT”. MONROE recently released a new single “REST STOP” which has already begun to create a buzz in both Atlanta and Virginia!

As a performer, MONROE has been fortunate to open for some of the biggest names in R&B and Hip Hop, including , R Kelly, Trey Songz, Keith Sweat, Brownstone, Silk, Mac10, Killer Mike, Bone Crusher, David Banner and Kurtis Blow, and many more. The aspiring musician admits to being no stranger to hard work and perseverance and, throughout his career, he has been made numerous sacrifices in order to become the best artist possible. His skills and accomplishments have been recognized by his fans who support his shows and introduce new fans to his music. MONROE’s future plans include taking his BRAND and record label to the next level, writing and producing other artists, and producing various film projects.



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Radio interview:
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