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@meetVoutside – meetVoutsdie – meetVoutside – [Video] – Boston

@meetVoutside – meetVoutsdie – meetVoutside – [Video] – Boston

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Behind The Black Out, “Wasted” is the gaps in your memory… The Greatest Night you never remembered. The experience itself will have you reliving the days of Invincibility, being WICKED WASTED with your friends!! The endless beer bottles, and all the Hard Liquor you could manage to get your hands on.

It’s Visually Captivating, and Gives the viewers not only a burst of energy but a sense of Attainability. A compelling Drunk Odyssey, From Tha Creative Minds of Artist “meetVoutside” & Director “Jimmy Divergent”.

The Song off of V’s Latest Album “Tha Summer Project” (Streaming Everywhere) is Undoubtedly a HIT for the Summer!





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