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@malipreme – Preme – Marvin – Belleville

@malipreme – Preme – Marvin – Belleville

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my name is Liam Raycroft (Preme), and I make music with my friend Reid Curry (Charles Tiger, or CT) in a small town called Belleville in Ontario, Canada. We are 17, and have been making music since we have been in grade 8. I have been producing since grade 8 as well, and we have just released our first song on SoundCloud, and it is being reviewed through an aggregate and will be being posted to iTunes, Spotify, Tidal etc. for free. I sample Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye (reasoning for the song being posted for free) due to the obvious sample clearance issues that would be present (remember blurred lines? Robin Thicke and Pharrell had to pay quite a bit for that Marvin Gaye infringement). Regardless of that however, we have put in 5 years of hard work, and while we have other material in the works and a tape we are aiming to finish soon into this year, we need some publicity, and believe our music has potential. I have saved up money over the past few years to be able to afford a makeshift studio in my basement and that is where we make our music now, however we were originally using a 60 dollar mic purchased from a pawn shop. In Belleville we released a song last year and it has what has had people “buzzing” about us in our town. With only a population of around 50,000 people we don’t have a wide array of people viewing our material, however we have over 1600 views solely from our peers listening in, and have had our song played at specific functions (parties, dances). Our sound I believe is something of almost complete originality, it comes from the hip hop/rap and r&b sound we’ve grown up listening too, but we’ve spent the last four years crafting a sound we find unique. Everyone we show is surprised at how good the song sounds (it’s been a long four years and people don’t always see the potential or the dreams in shit quality music) however the quality I believe is of quality to be shown around, and has the ability to be listened too.

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