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@LOUEY_HAHA – Louey – Slow Motion – Queens

@LOUEY_HAHA – Louey – Slow Motion – Queens

About this Song:

Louey, born as Sejohn Bernard on June 20th 1993 in Sedgwick Ave in the Bronx, moved to Elmhurst in Queens then moved to South Jamaica Queens where he was raised. With a Jamaican background. He started to rap at the age of 13. He started out in a crew with him and his friends called “160 Bullets”.They dropped their 1st mix tape in March 2008 , couple of months later, they went their separate ways. Then tagged up with his blood cousin DJ Monumental in 2010 to drop his 1st solo mix tape “No Time To Waste” and “No Time To Waste V2: Grown Man Business” the following year. When he felt like he was at the bottom and had no help, he met two artists/producers who are J-wiz and Deezy Finesse. They quickly develop a bond and start making music together and came up with the collective group “D$PE”. This was a new Louey. He had a passion but wanted to songs people would remember for a long time. Louey and J-Wiz did songs such as, “Ball” “Shake It Fast” and “Games” just to name a few. He then dropped a highly anticipated mix tape “Last Laugh” in 2012, where he got multiple honors such as “Artist of the Year.and also showing up on TV with BET and Adidas. Louey didn’t stop there, so he began to work on his craft and create his own sound. He went back in the studio with his camp D$PE and LRWW and came back with another highly anticipated mix tape “Louey Da 13th”. He took another break to find himself and his sound. Dedicated a whole year to dropping freestyles on Soundcloud and visuals that got decent amount of views and a little notice such as “Ease Your Mind”. He then came out with another highly anticipated EP “LouMinati” March 2015, that debuted at 1.7K plays in a day and is still currently doing good Louey is a a young upcoming artist, that’s slowly getting his name in the air ways by creating his own lane and flow. With good content and good feeling music. A dedicated artist that always top what he does last.

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