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@ – LJSMALLS – Everyday flex – Luton

@ – LJSMALLS – Everyday flex – Luton

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If you want an infectious melody…

I go by the name of LJSMALLS, 22 years of age from the UK who has a deep passion for music. I write all of my lyrics and have a great mind for the amount of creativity
i have. I mostly focus on hip hop, rap and pop, i believe that being more versatile, especially if in your comfort zone is the best thing, as you never know what to expect, this keeps the fans wanting more. I have a great personality and thrives to be successful in the future within the music industry.

The track is called everyday flex, it was written by myself and created at home, it has this warm chilling feeling to it, it makes you want to hear more. While making the track, a lot of emotions comes running through my mind, i close my eyes and visualize me performing it in front of thousands of people, even do a couple of dance moves as well. I mostly create music depending on how i feel towards the beat ; the kicks, snares and melody gives me the idea of what i should create.

I started writing at the age of 18 and can now say i have perfected my craft, as i have gained a huge amount of confidence in myself and in my music. I believe if given a chance to show this, i will gain a huge amount of fan base ( as i know my targeted audience), i will be able to make a lot of sales, (as i am fully committed in making sure success is achieved) and continuously make music that would keep the fans going.

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