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KSI’s Latest Work Is Delightfully “All Over The Place”

KSI’s Latest Work Is Delightfully “All Over The Place”

About this Song:

British YouTube star and rapper KSI is back with his sophomore album All Over The Place. True to the record’s title, the 16-track effort is a versatile collection of tracks that feature guest appearances from a vast assortment of artists. American Hip-Hop stars like Future, 21 Savage, Polo G, and Lil Durk all contribute to the album, and veteran R&B acts such as Craig David and Rico Love also make appearances on the record.

All Over The Place starts with the self-aware intro “The Moment,” on which KSI prefaces his project by discussing the importance of this moment. “This my moment, zero fear,” he sings on the album opener, and from that point on, he presents listeners with a bevy of fearless, genre-fluid tracks, from afrobeat tunes and hard-hitting rap cuts to R&B ballads and infectious pop crossovers.

Check out KSI’s All Over The Place for yourself below and let us know if you’re feeling it.


1. The Moment
2. Number 2 (feat. Future & 21 Savage)
3. Patience (faet. YUNGBLUD & Polo G)
4. You
5. Don’t Play (with Anne-Marie & Digital Farm Animals)
6. Really Love (feat. Craig David & Digital Farm Animals)
7. Gang Gang (feat. Jay1 & Deno)
8. Rent Free (feat. Gracey)
9. Madness
10. Silly (feat. Bugzy Malone)
11. Flash It (feat. Rico Love)
12. No Time (feat. Lil Durk)
13. No Pressure
14. Holiday
15. Sleeping With the Enemy (feat. S-X)
16. SWERVE (with Jay1)

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