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@kreedthesuceed – K.Reed – K.Reed- Plottin’ – Pennsgrove

@kreedthesuceed – K.Reed – K.Reed- Plottin’ – Pennsgrove

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Its one of the best out just wait til its recognized . It has a strong meaning and purpose . Good rythym , different flows . metaphors basically greatness . im only 17 . Gotta watch who you be around and I learned that everybody claim they with you isnt . Nowadays everyone wants to “trap” and arent making profit . If your not making a thousand a day I dont see the point of it truthfully well I know when I do something I do it big anyways but thats me 💯 Turn up song . gaurantee this comes on in a party it will JUMP ! Ooooh , Oooh , Ooh , Ooh

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