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@kd_kicks – Mar10 – Booted – Charlotte

@kd_kicks – Mar10 – Booted – Charlotte

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Mar10s new track “Booted” brings an upbeat and fast tempo charm to the listeners ears. With catchy rhyme schemes to complement a Pi’erre Bourne type beat, Mar10 blends in perfectly with the sound that has taken hip hop into a new golden age of its own. The techno trap style has been heavily used by the likes of many heavy hitters in today’s industry to make hits of their own. On the track Mar10 seems to be boasting his accomplishments and is celebrating in his own way as well as talking about how he doesn’t need to stress any female because of who he is. The hook catches the listener once the beat drops singing “I’m booted up I’m suited up its time to get the paper” it’s clear here Mar10 is focused strictly on staying litty and making business moves of his own.

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