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@karma_love – Karma Love – What These Niggas Want From A Bad Bitch – Atlanta

@karma_love – Karma Love – What These Niggas Want From A Bad Bitch – Atlanta

About this Song:

“what these niggas want from a bad bitch- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nt8M3CPY6qM

Do you wanna- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJCbCFMsON0

The entire mixtape can be played via youtube here- https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiSbeB1jHsacr2Zm6apSYV-MSkY02I9QW

To download the mixtape for free you can do so from my mixtape http://www.karmalovemusicgroup.com

Southside Atlanta is no stranger to producing superstars. While this has always been a boys only club, among the new arrivals stands an unlikely sight. Saluting at 5’3 135 pounds, Karma Love is a naturally curvy, gorgeous and eye catching female spittin heat and singing melodic tunes. She has all the ladies chanting her songs like “What These Niggas Want From a Bad Bitch” to screaming along with her at her shows how “These Niggas Aint Loyal.” Although delivering her message comes with ease her new mixtape that has refreshed the female rap game giving them a new soundtrack to life almost didn’t happen. “27 Septembers has been 3 years in the making. Like most artist in this industry I reached a point where I was exhausted. I was tired of all the dead ends, snakes and thieves. I walked away from it all. As time past I noticed how unhappy I was with life. Something wasn’t right…something was missing. You’ll never know how depressing it is to desire something so bad and feel like you’ll never get it. After a 2 year hiatus the dreams started again. I would be on stage in front of packed out clubs, or doing interviews or photoshoots. It was haunting me! I knew I wasn’t finished yet. It was time to get back.” When asked what the title 27 Septembers represents she says “It’s my moment of clarity. It took me 27 Septembers, being born September 1st 1987, to get to this point of understanding. Most of my generation is still searching for self, still walking backwards blind. All either at a breaking point or on the verge of their break through. 27 Septembers is how long it took me to get to the moment I gained inner peace”.

The mixtape maxes out with 21 songs ranging across the board. It’s done particularly in the classic mixtape form of spitting over already well known instrumentals with a handful of original pieces. She takes you back making you relive your moment in time when that particular song was hot but then puts her own unique twist to it owning it like a true star. “Not always does a good product equal success. Timing is everything. Marketing is the key and branding is Gold.” Her arrival was calculated and executed to perfection. “I had plenty of time to become my own mastermind. I knew exactly how to make this project sky rocket and honestly i’m just what the game needed right here and right now”. Karma Loves brand oozes sex, loyalty and bad bitch empowerment. Her tour titled “The Pussy Party” is genius and packs the club when her fans hear of her upcoming dates. “Its lingerie themed, so all the realest niggas show up and all of the baddest bitches show out.”

Being able to connect to people is a true gift and is one Karma Love is proud of. “I speak from recollection. So I can tell you the stories of project housing, food stamps and raising a baby while you’re still one yourself. I can tell you the story of dangerous love. I take you inside to experience the greatest sex. I give you reason to love past a broken heart telling you how dope it is finding your soul and soulmate. I give you the definition of loyalty. I give you completion…Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you 27 Septembers.”As we all continue to watch the birth of a new superstar, Karma Love is as focused as ever. Her skill is still evolving and her music will always reflect it as such. Giggling she says “Come grow with me. Come ride the wave. Hell,why not? Ima be here awhile.” While we look forward to her continued rise, she’s already captivated us. She had our ears from first listen and she’s made us a part of her world. Her reality. A new empire is being built right in front of our eyes. I give you Karma Love…and This my dear, is Karma Nation.”

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