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@joslymeso – Josly Meso – Not Enough – Liedekerke

@joslymeso – Josly Meso – Not Enough – Liedekerke

About this Song:

“I recently released my second EP, Into the Abyss.

My name is Josly Meso Mutata aka Josly Meso and i’m a 19 year old musician hailing from Liedekerke, Belgium. About four months ago, i launched my music career by releasing my debut EP independently on soundcloud. Amplify is the four-track play that propelled me into the Belgian rap game, with most of the effort done by my most popular single Better off Alone.

On December 15, i put my name back out there by releasing this new project. This five-track project includes Not Enough, the leading single. Produced by Thereal1207, this song may sonically remind you of artists like Tory Lanez or Bryson Tiller. Another single off of “Into the Abyss” is Above Water, that one creates a nostalgic atmosphere by bringing back the sound of 90’s boom bap, produced by Green Assassin Dollar.”

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