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@Jnatttyy – Young Natty – Turn Up – Video – Queens

@Jnatttyy – Young Natty – Turn Up – Video – Queens

About this Song:

“My name is Jason Natland ( Young Natty ). I am a new artist from Lindenwood, Queens (NY). I am DIFFERENT. I do the new style rap like Lil Yachty and lil uzi vert. Them and Kanye West are my inspirations because they consider themselves new generation rockstars, not ” rappers ” . They ( yachty and uzi) are not all about the ” lyrics “, they just make cool/fun music for the fans. Check out my new music video so you can see how much energy i bring to the table involved with my personality, also check out my latest tracks ( bottom of email ).

I am
Soon releasing a song with the vey popular “Ugly God” too. Listening to my music will definitely make your day better.”

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