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@jlabron1 – J. LABRON – On God – [Video] – Atlanta

@jlabron1 – J. LABRON – On God – [Video] – Atlanta

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My name is Justin LaBron Anderson but you can call be J. LaBron, first and foremost I’m a believer in Christ Jesus and his promise. I unapologetically walk, talk, dream, and act in the confidence of that fact. I am a door opener in the areas of spirit, education, and business. My passion lies in the progression of a chosen people in which I extend my talents of music and intelligence to further that mission. My drive comes from knowing Gods calling on my life and the absence of my decease father who didn’t get to live out his full potential leaving this earth at the age of 22. My music is a testimony of the enemies efforts to stop my effort to assist in the rise of Gods chosen people. Listen with caution, you may get inspired to push through your pain, doubt, and insecurities causing you to achieve greatness!

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